Dreams Within a Conflict

Sample Dreams for the “Dream Speaker”

  1. A sense of freedom
  2. The experience of peace
  3. Unity with nature
  4. Exploring who I am
  5. Adventure
  6. A spiritual journey
  7. Justice
  8. Honor
  9. Unity with my past
  10. Healing
  11. Knowing my family
  12. Becoming all I can be
  13. Having a sense of power
  14. Dealing with my aging
  15. Exploring a creative side of myself
  16. Becoming more powerful
  17. Getting over past hurts
  18. Becoming more competent
  19. Asking God for forgiveness
  20. Exploring an old part of myself I have lost
  21. Getting over a personal hang up
  22. Having a sense of order
  23. Being able to be productive
  24. A place and a time to just “be”
  25. Being able to truly relax
  26. Reflecting on my life
  27. Getting my priorities in order
  28. Finishing something important
  29. Exploring the physical side of myself
  30. Being able to compete and win
  31. Travel
  32. Quietness
  33. Atonement
  34. Building something important
  35. Ending a chapter of my life
  36. Saying goodbye to something
  37. Love

Sample Questions for the “Dream Catcher”

  1. Do you have any core beliefs, ethics or values that are part of your position on this issue?
  2. Is there a story behind this for you, or does this relate to your background or childhood history in some way?
  3. Tell me why this is so important to you.
  4. What feelings do you have about this issue?
  5. What would be your ideal dream here?
  6. Is there a deeper purpose or goal in this for you?
  7. What do you wish for?
  8. What do you need?
  9. Is there a fear or disaster scenario in not having this dream honored?