Stop taking a back seat to their phone!

Hello, I’m Linda.

As a child, I often saw my mum talking at my dad through his newspaper. The louder she got, the higher his paper shield rose.

Nothing got resolved.

In a decade as a licensed therapist, I’ve heard these stories so many times:

  • “I end up agreeing just to get some peace.”
  • “Since the kids, all she gives me is to-do lists.”
  • “He never listens to me. I feel like I don’t matter.”
  • “I’m so sick of having the same argument over and over.”

I’ve realized that when people learn to talk in ways that bring down defenses and open up ears, things immediately get better.

Here’s how we’ll work

We’ll look at everything from how you met to what’s hurting now. From that we’ll identify what you want to work on together. I’ll also ask you what individual capacities you want to grow, to deepen this connection.

I’ll show you:

  • how to have satisfying conversations where you feel like friends (like when you first started dating)
  • what to do when you feel invisible
  • how to stop being your partner’s parent, therapist, or employee
  • what to do when your needs and desires aren’t getting met

… and a whole lot more.

Want to learn some skills?

Check out my instructional videos at Cardboard Couples Therapy.

Let’s talk!